We do provide technical assistance to our clients which are a strong support tool for them. On a one to one basis, it could be range from life and career guidance cum direction, job hunt assistance services, to travel & settlement follow up. Relationship issues also surface, plus other similar impromptu technicalities that fall within our domain. On the corporate scale, our technical assistance goes to strengthen the companies, governments and organizations through.

  • Finding and building efficient relationships with foreign business partners, distributors, other professionals;
  • Organizing Business Meetings and Biz Trips, B2B Contact Fairs, Support on participation in International Exhibitions & Fairs;
  • Fully and in details checking the reliability and up-to-date reputation of your potential partner / company / person – Due Diligence / Bio Note;
  • Becoming your partner in the implementation of Feasibility Studies, Public Procurement Management, Market Researches or in other Competitive Intelligence solutions.

These could be further split into:

  • Baseline formulation; Feasibility Studies and/or Contextual Analysis;
  • Financing and financial implementation of projects and programmes;
  • Implementing fast, PR, meetings and deliberation services;
  • Management and running of project management units;
  • Intermediate and final evaluation and monitoring;
  • Identification of programmes and projects;
  • Company Formation and taxation policies;
  • Executive Search and Staffing Solutions;
  • Designing of programmes and projects;
  • Trade Name & Trade License Services;
  • Evaluation and selection of tenders;
  • Intermediate evaluation;
  • Final evaluation.