Generally, by strategy, we:

  • Outline objectives;
  • Review current strategy;
  • Identify problems and seek solutions;
  • Collect, Analyse and Interpret data and statistics;
  • Develop, advise about and implement agreed solutions;
  • Identify and assess the pros and cons of possible strategies;
  • Compile and present information verbally, visually and in writing;
  • Undertake research into the industry sector, markets and competitors;
  • Determine and clarify strategic and operational problems via consultation.

BMPC Strategy

BMPC Strategy is our in-house concept to desired clients who wish to approach a Business with a touch of Morals (ethics, human and conscientious feeling to make it a corporate culture); and from a Philosophical angle (a personal conviction/concept which come about by the knowledge of things in their deepest causes and reasons) and lastly from a Christian/Religious point of view. (Developing personal and Strong Christian Values based on faith seeking understanding) Christianity there is by default as the founder there is a Christian. This kind of approach helps our client attain a holistic business approach which at the end is aimed at helping them be fulfilled in their various ventures.

Informatization Strategy

Our consultants are able to gather, store, process, and bring out information for you which in the form of content, inbound marketing & communication which will generally go to better communicate to your audience using the choicest words for their liking. Furthermore, informatization strategy integrates, standardizes, systematizes, streamlines and digitalizes the entire company. To a greater extent, this development for informatization enhances corporate competence, and further consolidates existence and continuous development. The Informatization platform is a powerful means as well as a tool in strategic support for accelerating enterprise globalization process, which further helps in the realization of enterprise's management standardization.

Six Sigma Strategy

Six Sigma, a set of systematic and integrated business improvement methodology, aims to consistently improve enterprise's business process and achieve satisfaction from clients. Six Sigma quality level means no more than 3.4 defects existing among one million of error possibilities. Six Sigma is a powerful weapon to upgrade enterprise's core competence. Putting this management tool by our consultants will help a company improve their quality, productivity and profitability. It will definitely play an important role during the period of complete and thorough change for converting an enterprise from core competence scarce and coarse management presently into one with core competence and delicacy management.

Brand Strategy

Under the circumstance of highly-developed science & technology and rapidly-spread information, products, technology and management knack are quite easy to be imitated, which results the difficulty to rely on them as core competence. In contrast, once brand is established, its effects can not only to be copied, but also can create inenarrable value for enterprise. One successful brand condenses all connotations such as enterprise value, culture, corporate image, product quality, service function, technology power and etc. And its successful operation can provide customers with quality guarantee and cooperation confidence, meanwhile, bring high loyalty from customers for us.