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With the coming of technology, the geographical distance between the buyer and the seller is irrelevant. To enjoy this rapid growth of buying selling, profit making and sharing, The Brokery Section of Genero J Genero has thus given room for persons to provide investment capital for transactions. The investment plan is one of its kind, and offers excellent remuneration packages that can be monitored and cashed out by the investors. With just $20 you can join the investment team. Check out the PDF file for the details.

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Genero Multi-Purpose Complex

Genero Multi-Purpose Complex, which is currently under renovation, is located in Bamenda. It is a cherished resource of ours and serves as our head office & seat of Genero J Genero. Genero Multi Purpose Complex (GMPC) also serves as venue for our capacitating activities; There, we also plan to host our foreign interns as well as volunteers from abroad. This project is ongoing and we are always open to welcome more equipments, financial support and technical assistance as we build this complex.

Download the Genero multi purpose PDF FILE


We rely mostly on our clients, readers, supporters, well wishers, donors and funders and beneficiaries. Everything God made is good and as such, we are aware and enjoy the interdependence of the various personalities surrounding our organization. Through unconventional and innovative techniques for the above networking relationship, we are certain that we have solid roots, are constantly being followed up as well as meet up to expectations.

SAMS Family Band

One of our most cherished resources in the department of Capacitation is Sam’s Family Band. Capacitation takes place in many forms and our Sam’s family band caters for this. We use it for training, team building, event marketing, entertainment, edutainment and lots more similar activities. It is a healing and educative band. The band crew consists of a careful selection of individuals and experts. We are always ready to accept new members as well as supply to other bands and events.

Download the PDF FILE

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Investment packages

Take charge of your finance today with our specially designed Investment packages

Starter Package

$33.99 / one time

  • Anthropometry (BMI, WH Ratio)
  • Post Examination Review
  • General Screening – Basic
  • Health Screening Report

Premium Package

$47.99 / one time

  • Anthropometry (BMI, WH Ratio)
  • Post Examination Review
  • General Screening – Regular
  • Health Screening Report