We link buyers and sellers when it comes to small and large quantity supply to Cameroon and within Cameroon. We also go for exhibitions either as visitors to represent.


Thanks for our foreign partners, we have a range of products which we where we act as brokers.
  • 1. Sugar
  • 2. Garments
  • 3. Rice and Fluor
  • 4. Powdered Milk.
  • 5. Electronics of all sorts
  • 6. Water Related Products
  • 7. Cooking oil (Sunflower and vegetable)
  • 8. Fermented and soft Canned Drinks.
  • 9. Perfumes and cosmetics and beauty products


Cameroon’s principal exports include crude petroleum, agriculture, cocoa, coffee, timber, bananas, and cotton, and natural rubber, wood and forest products. However, with the current trend of situations, people and economies are experiencing social and economic mobility this time around and we have to join the trend too.

Through our networks therefore, we can boost as intermediaries and brokers when it comes to exporting from Cameroon and Africa. Commodities where we serve as brokers in terms of export include but not limited to Cocoa, Coffee, Maize, Tea, Artefacts and Beads. Through our hard earned confidence and portfolio, companies are free to use us to verify products and confirm their originality as well as genuineness. In this sense, we kind of limit or curb the rate of scamming which is rampant in international trade nowadays. We must re-iterate that we serve as brokers here and can as well assist till delivery.


Thanks to increased growth of communication channels we can now act as brokers between two trading companies and dealers out of Cameroon. This mostly takes place with companies located in sub Saharan Africa, and other African companies as well as those found in the Middle East.

We continue to provide quality products and ethical services to all our stake holders as well as strive to increase our technical and professional services in this domain which is proving brighter. However, we do not engage in all domains and will only venture as such when we are ready.

Whole Sale

Genero J Genero effectively represents companies and their interest here in Cameroon. We identify intermediate in the distribution of products to retailers here in Cameroon. We also have our stores where we place inventory pending disbursement to other retail outlets of different establishments.

We are also strategically located in Douala where we can outsource imported goods and distribute to retailers in smaller towns like Bamenda and Buea, Yaounde, and other parts of the country. You may also want to distribute some of the products we represent or act as an agent. All you need to do is to contact us and after negotiation, we shall commence with supplies after a solid agreement has been reached.