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Genero – innovation; John – God’s Grace, gives us Genero John Genero which means Innovation by God’s Grace. The concept was nursed in 2008, incorporated in 2012, and rebranded in 2015, and is now a corporate entity, with Nkwain John Paul Sam, alias Genero as her founder and Ndu Consola Sam as co-founder.

Members collectively represent more than 100 man-years of experience spanning the entire cross-section of industries and functions. Continued enhancements of knowledge capital through research and industry interaction are an obligation for us and we look forward to making every encounter with the client system as a learning experience for both.


Through innovation and strategy, we plan to journey with individuals, companies and organizations, and support them to achieve their valuable objectives.


To be the leading global network of Strategic Consultancy.

What we offer

We are giving world class business and consulting services that equip our clients with strategic and effective decision, policy and training advice tailored to meet their personal, institutional or organizational needs.

As such,
* we are offering you intermediation as brokers.
* We offer you tactics and solutions through strategy.
* We offer our skills with technical assistance.
* By Capacitation, we offer you knowledge and empowerment to strenghten your capacity.

Our staff

Our Company has well qualified and competent staff thoroughly experienced to handle the type of services we offer and they are highly Computer friendly. We have consultants spotted around the globe to serve our clients.

Our advantages

We have a diverse and solid team spotted in the different angles of Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. This gives us the impetus to pride ourselves ourselves with an extensive knowledge of regional business markets and demography especially in Africa.

More to that, we are skilled in managing and motivating sales teams and we have that working knowledge of corporate coaching, dispensing conferences, and team building. Our consultants have emerged from precarious situations which enable them to empathize with any challenge you present, enabling them to better give you direction and new strategy from your angle of prism.

Meet Our Consultants

  • John Paul Sam

    Strategic Broker

  • Francis Njitake

    Sales Manager

  • Amelia Bell

    Marketing Expert

  • Grace Jone


  • Joseph Bataho

    Web Developper




    There is a difference between meeting people and networking. Networking works globally because every business model can't flourish without networking. It is not a shortcut, neither is it a hiding place for lazy people.We strongly believe that being in contact with new people to increase our perspectives and widen our horizons.


    Given the fact that exigencies always surface, we give room for initiative, innovations and flexibility as our consultants are exceptional individuals who take personal responsibility to find new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world while contributing to our clients’ and our profitable growth.


    An organization like Genero J Genero whose members are pubic speakers, must have a responsibility to set exemplary standards of ethical behaviour, both internally within the organization, as well as in their external relationships. It is also our policy to take responsibility for all the actions we undertake to carry.


    Genero believes that empowerment actualizes the potential of her team. Empowerment unleashes creativity and innovation throughout the organization by truly vesting decision-making powers at the most appropriate levels in the organizational hierarchy.


    Our asset and concept capital is currently rated at $ 500 000 and we have up to 15% shares for sale. Returns are currently encouraging and the future of the organization looks very bright. The Company is debt free.


    Genero J Genero is a Board managed organization headed by the Chairman of the Board. The founder and CEO double as the Director of Operations and looks after the day to day management, business expansion and PRO. The Director in charge of administration is well versed with all organizational, financial, accounting and personnel matters. He also serves as the as the Group Advisor. Everything passes though the executive secretary.